Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra,
What a joy to be in ministry with you!!! The Tenebrae Service, Easter Sunday and the responses from the RESOUND LIVE recording have kept me busy receiving many words of encouragement on your behalf. Holy week is always a humbling week in the life of a believer but last week was extra special because of your presence and preparation. Thank you for your commitment to praise the Lord with excellent song and always be willing to share the GREAT news that Jesus is king.
If you did not receive a RESOUND CD make sure you do tonight. Remember these are witness tools so take more tonight and give them to those who need encouragement and who need to hear the eternal message of God's love for them.
We not only have great anthems coming up each Sunday but we have the great opportunity of singing the High Lonesome Bluegrass Mass on May 5 at the Mable Amphitheatre with FBC Marietta and the Alexander High School (Douglasville). Tonight you will receive info about scarves for ladies and ties for men that we have already purchased but will need for you to pay for (only $6 each).
Make sure you check the sign-in sheet, mark the Bluegrass sheet for your attendance and if you want to purchase tickets.
I look forward to a full choir and orchestra tonight as we encourage each other and worship through rehearsal.


Sunday's Anthems (click on each anthem to listen)

April 23 - Cross of Love
April 30 - Arise, My Soul Arise
May 7 - One True God
May 14 - Glorious Day
May 21 - Shine On Us
May 28 - Sr. High Choir (leaving for Alaksa May 31)





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Helpful aids for parents/grandparents of teenagers...

“But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren. Deuteronomy 4:9

      The battle over our students is great and we, as parents, must take the lead in teaching truth to our children. Sunday school is the next best thing but is second to our responsiblities as mom, dad, grandad &grandma.
      Needing answers those troubling questions that face or in some cases swallow our students up?

       Question/statements like "what is there any truth?" -- "I want to have an abortion." -- "all religions lead to God." -- "what are the parameters for sex?" -- "My friend is an athiest" -- "
Here are some websites that can steer you in the right direction and point you to a Biblical model: (Josh McDowell Ministry)  (Bible software for computers/cellphones) (Son of Josh McDowell/ Christian apologetics)

“Living with Teenagers” provided by LifeWay Church Resources.

This is a great magazine for parents, provided by most churches through a subscription service.  If it not available at your church, talk with your church administrator or education director about receiving it.  There is also a version for parents with younger children and preschoolers.

Visit  for more information on this great magazine for parents of teenagers.

A recent, in-depth study of the adolescent brain…
Ever wanted to know what your teenager is really thinking.  Click on the link below to go directly to a study that provides up-to-date research on the adolscent brain, including some new, cutting edge discoveries.  The study is sponsored by  Quite interesting…    (Scott Klusendorff’s site)

The Power of Music and its Effect on Youth
Stanford news recently published an articles by Kathleen O’Toole reviewing a recent book, It’s Not Only Rock and Roll, on the the power of pop music on youth culture.  It discusses how youth use music, male vs. female appeal in music, warning labels, and MTV.  Click the link below to view the full article.